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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  June 28, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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off? in a garden growing in the most unlikely of places in baltimore city. >> you never know where it is going to break out. >> a police of as their hit by a car, and a major roadway at a standstill. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute an attempt to stop a stolen car set off a dramatic chain of events. the evening, and rod daniels. marianne banister has the night off. a baltimore police officer is says somebody ran him down and then let him on a dangerous chase in paxil on reisterstown road. on 11 news kerry cavanaugh is live at police headquarters. she has the latest. >> they say that the driver of that stolen car was willing to run down police officers and anyone else who got between him and a quick escape, and police tell us that the man driving a stolen car was driving it today on a revoked license.
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a smash, stolen car and a battered did police cruiser brought everything it to a standstill in paxil on reisterstown road. many heard the crash but could not find out how it all unraveled. >> i was looking to see. >> this was just a few blocks away. a police supervisor checked the license plate on a black acura, realized it was stolen, and walked up to the driver's side. >> he struck the officer one officer was outside of his vehicle. >> the officer fired at the car, missing the suspect. the witnesses say the pursuit ended when the suspect rammed a second police car, running two other vehicles, including this family's car, off of the road in the process. >> it is unbelievable.
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i have never seen it like this. >> witnesses say the driver took off running and scaled a fence at the country club. >> the officer was able to catch the suspect and taken into custody. >> meanwhile, the first officer who was hit was airlifted to shock trauma. they were amazed that no pedestrians were killed as the chase played out. >> seeing the vehicles the way they are, yes, i am surprised. >> we are told officer who was taken to shock trauma was released and his on his way home. and the man is in it custody. they are deciding which charges he will face. kerry cavanaugh, wbal tv 11 news. >> a 32-year-old man let officers through aberdeen before getting on to 95. police say he got out of the car
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and then threatened to kill themself. as officers approached, he swung his knife and cut the officer on the arm. he was taken into custody. now, we a breaking news into the 11 newsroom. a man has been struck and killed walking on the beltway. this happened just before 10:30 near rosedale at the philadelphia exit. it is not know why and the man was walking on the roadways. prosecutors played about 20 messages a woman played -- recorded as a voice mail before killing him. what clean the home, a neighbor came across more than 100 voice messages she left the two before the murder. >> you have no idea how much i
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hate you. you have ruined my life. you are going to know one day, a little girl. you are going to wish you died. >> the defense argued mary was in a abusive relationship. meanwhile, they provided a letter to their two sons, talking about killing herself and others. and they are beefing up patrols at the inner harbor this weekend, following just another weekend of weekend violence. david collins as a look at the new measures. >> baltimore's inner harbor july 4, 2006. it took police to get control of the i'm wrong crowd. as many as 60 officers are there on any given night, but that has not stopped occasional gun play, even inside the pavilion. for example, last august.
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the most recent shooting took place at the trade center. this makes the inner harbor a gun freeze them, but it is not easy. this has not been officially discussed. most visitors believe it is a bad idea. >> i do not believe it is an appropriate idea. >> this is a free space for everyone, so that is a little much. >> it will be thousands of people, tourists. they may think it is a dangerous place, which it really is not. >> according to police, 10% of the guns and up in the hands of criminals. badrize know this because they set up their own task force. they have taken 50 guns off of the street this week and seized 1100 illegal guns. on thursday, the police will detail a new initiative. >> we have a very long way to go
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to keep our efforts at making this citysafe and holding these maniacs accountable to. >> in an effort to reassure the public, city police will be out in unprecedented numbers this fourth of july holiday. all city police department lead is cancelled. many officers will work the inner harbor detail, and mta police willises by writing light rail. plainclothes police will mix in with crowds, looking for gangs and guns and signs of trouble. >> there are no discussions about putting it in our harbor visitors through detectors. this includes the waterfront partnership. it has 20 safety guides, who are trained to spot trouble and can get police to respond, they say, faster than the average citizen. in the newsroom, david collins, wbal tv 11 news. >> we have been asking this question on our website,
11:07 pm on july 4, should the crowd have to go through metal detectors before they go to the inner harbor? so far, 35% of you say no, 65% of you say yes. just after 9:00 tonight, city police responded to a double shooting in east baltimore. they say that to amend or shot on bel air ave. there is no word on a suspect or a possible motive. baltimore county police need your help in finding a suspected rapist. they say a man that broke into a home in woodlawn section of assaulting the woman inside. a man with the same description was spotted shortly after, tried to break into a nearby apartment. if you get any information, you are urged to call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7 lockup.
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in tonight's product economy report, new home sales have dropped to record low, declining more than 33% last night. they have gone down over 76% since peaking in 2005 korean many believe that the expiration of the tax credit from the government is partly to blame. the dip in home sales could make it the right time to get into the baltimore luxury home market at a right price. some originally priced 4 $1 million were auctioned off for less than their original cost. lowell melser has more for us. >> cordially, they were going to auction off 11 home, but it was so popular, they auctioned off many. they are trying to set the bar
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for the luxury housing market in the city, and it looks like that bar was set pretty low. some are calling it the chance of a lifetime to get into baltimore's housing at the luxury market at bargain basement prices. many packed the waterfront to see if they had the guts to raise their paddles to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a waterfront home in federal hill. >> they went higher than what i was here to get it for, so we did not do any bidding, but it was interesting. >> for some, the bidding just went too high. for some, like this person got a heck of a graduation gift, the price was right. >> this is the first, and owns on my own. i just graduated college in may 2008, and my dad bought it for me, so i am really excited. >> $12.37 million in sales, and
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the winning bids were over 500,000. breaking that down even further to give you a better idea, we picked up three different sales. a home that lasted for over $1 million with a minimum bid of 300 something thousand dollars. another that was listed for almost $1.50 million with a minimum bid of $375,000 sold for $637,000, and the highest price had a minimum of over $600,000 sold for $956,000. >> this auction is not brought on by the lender. it is really to determine what is the market. one realtor said the auction is a good thing, not only for the luxury housing market but the city as well, helping to set the
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bar at where such homes should be bought and sold, and for those who did by monday night, they hope their investment pays off. >> dad, do you feel like you got a bargain? >> it was a good price. hopefully it will come back in two years, but, yes, i think it was a great price. >> so 46 of the 88 home have sold, in 18 or auctioned off tonight, leading 22 unoccupied units. folks say they will use the selling prices deny to come up with new prices for selling prices for those other units. we all live, wbal, tv 11 news. >> is official. maryland's blue dogs democrat is running for election again. he beat the republican state senator in 2008 to represent
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maryland's massive first district. he also began campaigning this weekend, stopping in salisbury and kent island korean meanwhile, a maryland congressman also filed today. he is seeking his fifth term in congress. and bob ehrlich says he will name his running mate this week. the former governor is looking to unseat governor martin o'malley. he will use the page to unveil his pick. no word on whether or not his choice will be one of his facebook friends. a nation tonight is remembering a staple of the u.s. senator. more on the passing of robert byrd still to come. plus, researchers say they have come up with a test that can predict menopause. details ahead. >> we have all of these. >> and tons of tomatoes soaking
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up the sun, but you may be shocked to find that just where this batch of produce is grown. >> there are still some showers and even some thunderstorms on hd doppler. once you get past us, things are going to cool off quite a bit. some southwark -- summer weather is on tap. right now, 82 of the airport. right now, 82 of the airport.
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>> remembering an activist and longtime advocate for housing, a voice of low-income residents. she passed away at the age of 68, and a funeral will be held tomorrow at the first apostolic church. flags in the nation's capital flew at half staff in honor of west virginia senator robert byrd, who was 92 years old he held his senate seat for over 50 years and was majority leader for six of those years.
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senator barbara mikulski said he was an icon that had five loves, for his country, the constitution, the senate, the people of west virginia, and for his beloved wife. meanwhile, confirmation hearings began for president obama's supreme court nominee elena kagan. the court ruled states and cities cannot severely limit the right to bear arms. >> this is my right to own a firearm. i have a right to protect myself, and no one is going to take it away from me. >> who do you want to protect? the law-abiding citizens? for the criminals and the gangbangers? >> the dean of harvard law school, elena kagan opposed the
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same issue that the court did today. her confirmation hearing goes on tomorrow. in tonight's medical alert, it may be possible for women to predict when they entered menopause. researchers in iran were able to measure the concentration of a hormone that can show how many eggs were left in the ovaries, and they were able to predict when menopause begins within one month, however, some doubt its accuracy. and now common to your kids. have you ever thought of lowering their risk of diabetes? it could all start at school. some considered high at risk found that providing more fruits and vegetables as well as different beverage options and long-term physical education classes could lower the rate of obesity to the tune of 20%. experts say the benefits extend beyond high risk children.
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and in just a few weeks, some of the freshest tomatoes will be found. they are doing that in federal hill. rob roblin shows it means lots of dishes at regi's american bistro. >> you might be saying that rob is on the farm, but i am not. i am at regi's american bistro. you would never know that alanmorstei morstein has a gardn his roof, and he has a large variety. >> i an airless, yellow boy, and green zebra. >> i had no idea they would get this big. i started off with a single
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state, and now, we are at the double stake level. each one of these is about 25 to 30 pounds of tomatoes. >> alan got the idea to grow his own produce so it would be fresh. >> the guesting love it, and now, you have the farm at the table, and they are excited. we have tourists up here. >> alan is expecting a big harvest, and there will be lots of tomato dishes thaat regi's. >> blt's, caramelized tomatoes. maybe next year, i will do chickens, because heirloom tomatoes are pretty tough. maybe i will put a couple of
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chickens appear next year. >> rob roblin, wbal tv 11 news. >> the cold front with some heat relief is on the way, but it is not here yet, and until it can clear the central part of that state, -- this is to the south of glenn bernie dan meyer odenton. this as blossomed right there. be on the look at for some showers. undergo in the process of development. we are not quite done with the rain. this is all developing with the heat and humidity, another scorcher. we set another record today, 99 degrees at bwi-marshall.
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temperatures are still warm. 70's to low 80's, and we are picking up some of the cloud cover. it will be a mild morning, 70 to 77 degrees. beyond this, a secondary search of cool air will be filtering in, and once that gets here, it will feel good, maybe even into the fourth of july weekend. partly cloudy skies in the morning. then, changing. a more comfortable air mass, lower humidity, gradually cooling temperatures. west and northwest winds will bring in less humid air. northwest winds at 5 to 15 not, waves around 1 foot. a nice day in the mountains. a little bit warmer around the bay, but with less humidity, i think 90 will feel better. lower eastern shore, a slight chance for a shower in the morning and partly cloudy in the
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afternoon, and we are keeping an eye on alex. the windsor of them a 65 m.p.h., and it is forecast to track off and make landfall on the texas coast, the mexico close, so this is going to become a hurricane at the tracks across the gulf and then finally fade away over the rio grande. it looks like it will stay away from that troubled oil rig. down to at 80 on wednesday, highs only in the upper 70's on thursday. right now, the fourth of july weekend is looking really nice. >> good, but not good enough. and stephen strasburg is beaten.
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>> hello again, everyone. keith mills in for gerry sandusky. whirling into atlanta tonight, the nationals played the braves, but the expected showdown involving jason heyward did not happen. he was out with a bruised thumb, and tim had six strikeouts. 9000 mockups. seven strikeouts. a scoreless seventh. escobar with a base hit right
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there. six hits, four runs, an atlanta wins the game, and it is the orioles and oakland a's tomorrow at camden yards. the steelers may have lost a tackle for the season. he injured his achilles' tendon today. if it is torn, he is done for the european andy roddick's run for a wimbledon championship is over. he comes back, with a backhand winner. sweet korean this is the match point. in five sets, and on that shot right there. a major upset at wimbledon. serena williams took care of business earlier today as she the dittmer korea sharapova. she is one proud champion, serena williams.
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they battled the entire match, but severino -- serena's serve is too good. the overpowering first serve. she wins, 76, 64. venus williams also one today in straight sets. now, brazil may not win the world cup, but i tell you what, the team that beat them better come ready to play. the party was on early in johannesburg. in gold, the kick to juan. a lot of juans in brazil. rabino. 14 of the 20 players go by first
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names. a major magic slovakia was beaten. holland wins. their unbeaten in the last 23 games. that is all for me. time is up next with a look at the 7-day forecast.
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>> more heat? >> yes, 90 tomorrow, but it will start to filter in with cooler air. partly cloudy and 80 on wednesday, a high of 78 thursday. mid 50's friday morning and lots of sunshine during the day. it looks like this will take us into the big fourth of july weekend with highs in the 80's on saturday and sunday. >> i may just get up early. not. that is our news. if you missed any of the news, we will do it again at midnight. just a reminder, "the tonight show with jay leno" is next.
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